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About us

My Life, my style, my friends, my hood – why not call it MY BROTHERHOOD.

Founded in 2014, MY BROTHERHOOD provides exquisite fashionable men’s and women’s streetwear.

We design styles for our brothers and sisters that are inspired by global fashion trends and have a cosmopolitan heart. We combine trends coming from various genres and from diverse continents. The world’s urban lifestyle is our playground and we pick out what fits our Brotherhood philosophy best. Although we cannot predict what is going to be the next trend, we know for sure that it is going to fit to the MYB lifestyle. A life of travel, surrounded by a stable friend base, daring business endeavors, luxury, and comfort. A Lifestyle led by loyal, authentic, and unique people, with a strong sense for community and coherence as well as a desire to believe in a better tomorrow.

Our goal is to build a community with various artists and craftsmen around the world – hit us for an Ltd. Edition Special or other cooperation.

We made it our mission to create an inimitable mix and match by featuring diverse artists. Styles modeled after our customers by bringing creative heads together. Always believing in supporting one another, in unity and community.