You are disatisfied with your purchased products? We are very sorry to hear that! Of course you have the right to return your purchased items.

Please send your returns to the following address:



Görresstraße 16

80798 München


When sending back items, please make sure to fill in and attach the following return form to your parcel: Retourenschein. Only then can we guarantee a fast handling. Parcels that do not include the return form, will not be accepted and send back to you on your own expense. In order to be able to accept your parcel, please make sure to place the return form in a waterproof protective bag. Place the protective bag on the outside of your parcel right next to the DHL franking.

In order to be able to send your parcel fast and easy please fill in the following form: Formular. Just type in your order number as well as your full name and address and klick on the button „continue“. You will then be asked to print your PDF document (DHL – Rücksendelabel). This service will be free of charge.

If you have to send your parcel from outside Germany, please note that you will need to carry all shipping costs yourself.

If you places your order via Paypal, your money will be transfered back to your account shortly after we have received your return parcel. The same procedure applies to Amazon payments. Please note however, that you will only be reimbursed, if the return items remain in their original form and have neither been worn nor damaged in any way.

Our 14 – day return policy starts as soon as the order has been delivered to the customer. Bei der wiederkehrenden Lieferung gleichartiger Waren nicht vor Eingang der ersten Teillieferung, nach Erhalt der Rückgabebelehrung in Textform sowie nach Erfüllung aller Informationspflichten! You shall be liable to the return parcel until the returned items have reached our return center.

Handling returns may take up to two weeks after having received your return parcel. Nevertheless, we will try to handle your returns as soon as possible and preferably within 5 working days.

Should you have received damaged or false items, we would like to ask you to immediately contact our service team under: Of course we will take the item back and exchange it, if neccessary. Otherwise we will reimburse you for the value of goods. Please keep in mind the return policy, there.

In order to handle your returns, please mind the following:

1. Please do inform us about your return first by sending an e-mail with the completed return form Retourenschein to You will then receive a confirmation that we are expecting your return parcel. (Returns are only possible after haveing been authorized by MY BROTHERHOOD).

2. Fill in the disclaimer form in bold letters and attach it to the outside of the parcel. (Please note that we are only able to accept legible and correct filled in disclaimer forms. If this is not the case, the parcel will be sent back to you on your own expense.)

3. In order to provide you the best service possible, please do complete the return form in bold letters and place it in the parcel.

4. As soon as you have filled in both the disclaimer and the return form, you wil be able to print out your DHL return label. Attach the return label onto your parcel and bring your parcel to the next postal office. Sende das Retourenpaket grundsätzlich nicht unfrei an uns.

5. Please note that if you want to reorder an item you have returned, may be in a different size or color, that you will have to place a new order. It will not suffice to just send back your order.

Unangekündigte und unfrei versandte Sendungen können wir nicht akzeptieren und senden diese versandkostenpflichtig an dich zurück.

Please note:

Non-returnable items include:

-items that have not been purchased on our website

-custom made products

-products on sale

Returns must be on our hands in written form as soon as possible after and at the latest 10 calenderdays after receiving your order. Please mark possible resons for example „product damaged“ on our return form.